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What and where can we make for you?


We are cake makers based in Forest Row who can provide cakes for all occasions in the East Grinstead and East Sussex areas: birthday cakes to order, cupcakes, christening cakes, wedding cakes, you name it.  No matter what occasion you need a cake for, we can help. We are Cake makers in Tunbridge Wells who make Gluten Free cakes. We are Cake makers in Forest Row and we are cake makers in East Grinstead as well as being Cake makers in Crawley. We are Cake makers in East Sussex as well as being Cake makers in West Sussex.


We are based in a village called Forest Row in East Sussex. We can make cakes for those to the west in East Grinstead and Crawley; and we can make cakes for those to the east in Tunbridge Wells. If you live in those places or their vicinity then we can certainly make cakes for you. If you live further afield that doesn't mean we can't sort something out though. We are Cake makers in Tunbridge Wells who are also making cakes out of Forest Row. We are Cake makers of East Grinstead as well as being Cake makers in Crawley. We are also Cake makers for East Sussex and, naturally Cake makers for West Sussex.

Cake flavours & Ingredients

Again, there are no limits here. Sponge cakes, chocolate cakes and fruit cakes are the most popular, but if you want something else then just let us know and we can discuss it.

At Cakes With Heart we only use fresh and/or organic ingredients: fresh eggs, never powdered egg whites; no margerine, only butter; fresh organic milk, not powdered. Many cake makers use these cheaper, processed alternatives, which is absolutely fine - the end product will taste like 'cake' - but that's not what we are about. This might mean our cakes aren't as cheap as some, but if you value more wholesome ingredients and savour the tastes and textures they bring, we might be the choice for you.  We make Gluten free cakes in East Grinstead which are great. We provide Gluten free cakes to the Tunbridge Wells area as well as Gluten free cakes in Sussex. We make Gluten free cakes in Forest Row and not only that but we make Gluten free birthday cakes. We can make you a Gluten free cake if you live in Crawley and we can make you a Gluten free wedding cakes. 

Cake types

1-tier, 2-tier, 3-tier, square, round, bespoke, character... all are possible, as you can see from our Gallery. We have also made several piñata cakes, which are always guaranteed to excite the recipient and bring that extra level of joy and surprise to cake-cutting time! If you have your own idea of what you want your cake to look like then don't be afraid to ask! We make Birthday cakes in the Forest Row area as well as making Birthday cakes in East Grinstead. We can provide Birthday cakes to the Tunbridge Wells area and we can provide Birthday cakes to the Crawley area. In fact we can make Birthday cakes for the whole of Sussex. We even do Birthday cakes gluten free if that is what you need.

Gluten Free Cakes

If you are reading this section then you are probably doing so with a mixture of hope and foreboding. You are probably fed up with not being able to have a decent celebration cake like everyone else can. You are probably also nervous about how gluten free the cake would be and whether you could really trust it to be so. Lastly, you are probably wondering if we even know what gluten is and what ingredients it is found in! 

Well, good news. One of us is actually a coeliac, so we know exactly how you feel and can set your mind at ease. If you want a gluten free cake we can definitely make you one. 

We are experts in Gluten free cakes for Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas. We can make Gluten free cakes for the Crawley area. Gluten free cakes in East Grinstead are something we can definitely provide for you. We provide Gluten free cakes to the entire Sussex region.



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Cake Makers Sussex

We are cake makers and cake decorators who want to make you a cake that you'll love. No matter the celebration we will put our hearts into making a cake that will help to make your celebration special.

We believe what sets us apart as celebration and novelty cake makers is that we make them as if they were for our own child, parent, spouse or friend.

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